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If a family member suffers a wrongful death, don’t in alone

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Wrongful Death

In an ideal world, loved ones would live well into their golden years in the perfect vision of health. In the real world, though, tragedies happen that can claim the lives of people we love and take them from this earth too soon. Sometimes, the tragedy can be attributed to another person or third party, and, as a result, loved ones may consider a wrongful death claim against the believed responsible party. At Savinis, Damico & Kane, LLC, we are here to help support Pennsylvanian victims’ families through this terrible time.

When one thinks about it, it is really scary to think about how things could go wrong in a way that would cause someone’s untimely death. We have handled cases related to wrongful death in scenarios of car accidents, work accidents and medical malpractice, just to name a few. Really, the possibilities are endless for how an accident could occur that would result in a loved one’s death. It is important to utilize everything within our power to ensure that our client’s receive the best possible outcome in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death recoveries are meant to help loved ones who have lost someone crucially important in their lives, and to place responsibility on the proper party. There does not have to be ill-intent to receive compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit, only negligence. Moreover, there is a lower threshold of proof in a wrongful death case, compared to a criminal case.

At Savinis, Damico & Kane, LLC, we understand how difficult this time is for family and friends after the sudden loss of a loved one. Rest assured, we do everything in our power to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients. Allow us to handle the paperwork and allow the family to focus on grieving. Although, certainly a great loss, it is important to look towards the future after such a difficult loss.