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Nursing home death victims and family need advocates

On Behalf of | May 14, 2016 | Nursing Home Deaths

It can be a difficult decision, the one where family members decide to place a mother, grandparent, or loved one in a nursing home facility. These facilities often have a lot to offer in the way of healthcare and other benefits to the resident. However, nursing home neglect may be a concern, as this has resulted in cases of premature death.

While most residents and family members will never experience a situation of neglectful care at a nursing home, there are some red flags to be on the lookout for. Some of these warning signs include: if the resident’s health has worsened in a short amount of time for no apparent reason, if the resident does not look properly bathed or well-cared for or even if the resident complains about their care. The attorneys at Savinis & Kane can relate to these symptoms, as many of our clients have suffered from them in the past.

There is another kind of care that is not tolerated under medical malpractice laws. That is the prevention of falls or other incidences that could greatly reduce the quality of life for residents. Because nursing home residents are often already disabled, the care facility must have proper equipment and protocol in place to prevent falls. Scarily enough, unnecessary falls do happen to nursing home residents, and such an incident could cause death.

When something as terrible as this occurs, family members may be unsure what to do next. This is completely understandable because nursing home facilities are charged with the duty of caring for an individual. Only a full investigation will uncover if the nursing home was negligent and caused a loved one’s unexpected nursing home death or injury. The website for our Pittsburgh-based law firm has helpful information about the legal aspects of negligence cases involving nursing homes. Moreover, our attorneys can help to answer more detailed questions about particular cases.