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Nursing home deaths matter

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Nursing Home Deaths

Nursing homes, or elderly care facilities, are a common housing option for older people. This is because old age often comes with its own health complications and inability to properly care for one’s self. These facilities have the responsibility for the health and well-being of their residents. But what happens when this duty is breached and causes the premature death of an elderly Pittsburgh resident?

Scarily enough, this happens all too often. While there may or may not be any ill-will involved in the mistreatment or negligent care of a resident, this isn’t a necessity to prove fault. Neglect is a term associated with the mistreatment of patients, and whether in their physical, emotional or mental care, it can lead to a nursing home death. Abuse is more intentional, and often is associated with physical manifestations on a patient, and this can also cause premature death of an elderly person.

Both are serious accusations and can accompany a suspicious death of a loved one in a nursing home. Some people may claim that the person was old and therefore close to death and thus their death doesn’t matter. This is absolutely un-true and a preventable premature death of anyone matters a great deal. If there is a party responsible, they should be held accountable and also there should be precautions taken in the future to avoid a nursing home death from happening again.

If your loved one died unexpectedly in a nursing home, and you want to know why, consider Savinis & Kane. We can fully investigate and build a case against a negligent nursing home and their staff, if appropriate. While it will not bring back your loved one, it could prove to prevent such an awful incident from happening to another Pittsburgh family in the future. Anyone who is looking for some initial information about the law regarding nursing home abuse, should visit our firm’s website.