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Facts that are important in proving a products liability injury

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Firm News

While most people will never know the problems that accompany an injury suffered from a dangerous product, too many Pittsburgh residents are aware of the impact. For those who have suffered an injury due to a defective product, failure to warn or other related cause, there are ways to hold the manufacturer or distributor responsible for the injury. A products liability claim is the first step toward achieving this result. There are some facts that those who believe they have suffered an injury due to products liability should try to track down in order to build a case alleging fault.

Although it may seem arbitrary at first, it is really important to track down the exact date of your injury. For some, like those involved in a car accident, they will be able to pinpoint the injury day exactly. For others, like those involved in a medication-type injury, the injury could have come on more slowly and thus could be more difficult to pinpoint the exact moment of injury. Regardless of the situation, getting an exact day and time of injury is helpful in proving a products liability claim.

For those injured with a specific and easy to identify date and time, the case could be much easier to prove. For those injured over time, the case could be more challenging to prove, but not impossible. Whatever the circumstances, those who are responsible should be held accountable for personal injury. Nobody wants to suffer an injury from a dangerous product. When it happens, however, the victim should understand how to move forward, and which parties they may be able to hold accountable.

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