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Infant’s birth injury can affect course of life for baby, parent

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Birth Injury

When it comes to big moments in a person’s life, few are as big or as significant as the birth of a child. Regardless of whether it is the first or fifth child for parents, it is an exciting moment that will change the course of life for everyone involved. While this is certainly a joyous occasion, the moment can be cast in shadow if the baby happens to suffer a birth injury prior to, or during delivery.

Sometimes parents are not aware of the hidden risks that can befall the child or even the mother. Labor is a serious medical event that should not be taken lightly, especially by doctors or hospital staff. Technology has allowed doctors and hospital staff to foresee certain risks or dangers associated with dangerous deliveries. But, doctors and medical professionals must properly use all of the technology, and other tools, that are at their disposal.

If a risk was present and the medical staff did nothing to avoid it, the child could be unnecessarily stressed during birth. Such stress could cause hypoxia, which is a stretching of the shoulder and neck past bearable limits. This could result in lifelong medical conditions for the child.

At Savinis & Kane LLC, we want children everywhere to be given top notch medical care. If it is suspected that your child or a loved one was not afforded this care due to a delivery mistake, there are legal options available to those affected. Our firm’s website contains a variety of information about those legal options.

While most deliveries will not involve such a catastrophic event, some Pittsburgh families do have to go through this difficult problem. The medical expenses and costs of long-term care and rehabilitation associated with birth injuries can be immense, as they accrue throughout the child’s life. Proving a delivery mistake that caused a birth injury could make all the difference in handling those medical expenses.