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How family should handle a suspected work-related death

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2016 | Work-Related Deaths

Misconduct can occur anywhere, anytime. This includes at a person’s place of employment or on a job ordered by that employer. Certain types of misconduct can lead to the tragic and sudden workplace death of a loved one. If this is the suspected reason behind a family member’s death, there are ways to prove it and recover for the misconduct that caused the death.

Pennsylvania is home to many blue-collar jobs such as construction, factory work and other manual labor positions. These positions have a higher rate of work related deaths than other job sectors, such as office jobs. Whatever the position that was behind a loved one’s sudden death, there are ways to hold an employer or third-party responsible. This will depend on the industry and the cause of death, as discovered after a full investigation.

Oftentimes, there are many family members left behind after a loved one’s sudden work related death. Sometimes these people were financially dependent on the person who has passed away. At Savinis, Damico and Kane, we know these things heavily weigh on loved ones where a work-related death is suspected.

Financial recovery cannot bring back the victim of a work-related accident, but it is the only method by which the law can compensate the surviving family members. While this may seem like a new and confusing road to travel down, it can lead to positive things for the family. Also, putting responsibility on a party that contributed to a loved one’s death is a way to gain some resolution after such a devastating loss.

Our Pittsburgh law firm knows how painful it can be to lose a family member in a work related death. Our website contains some helpful information about how we go about working through every detail of a case to help family members recover as much compensation as possible for the death of their loved one.