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Pittsburgh medical malpractice victims may seek recourse

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Hospitals aim to offer only the best in medical care prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. But what happens when that treatment is incorrect or even harmful to the patient? Most Pittsburgh residents never imagine that their lives or health could be in danger due to a medical diagnosis or course of treatment. However, this is a possibility, as too many Pittsburgh residents already know.

What should a patient do when an injury has occurred due to medical negligence? Negligence can come in many forms related to medical malpractice such as a misdiagnosis of medical condition, improperly administered treatment or a surgical error. These are just some of the ways medical malpractice can negatively affect a patient’s health. In order to correct the injury, it could require surgeries or other costly procedures.

This is where the legal professionals at Savinis Damico & Kane LLC come in. With many years of personal injury and medical malpractice experience, we have guided many clients through the sometimes confusing and difficult situations that medical malpractice victims endure. Those injured by a medical professional may be able to pursue compensation. If you believe you are one of the injured, consider what financial reparations from a medical malpractice claim could do for you and your family.

Can injured patients seek damages for personal injuries caused by medical professionals? For some people, the answer is yes, and what this answer can mean from those suffering from unexpected injury is substantial. While there are many ways a Pittsburgh resident can be injured by medical malpractice, there are few ways that an injured person can collect for such personal injury. Keep this is mind if you or a loved one is suffering from and injury related to doctor error or hospital negligence.