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A child’s birth injury can greatly alter their quality of life

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Birth Injury

When a parent is expecting a child, there is much excitement and anticipation surrounding the baby’s arrival. If it’s a first child for new parents there is also much planning and preparation going into the moment they become parents for the first time. After many doctor’s appointments where they monitor the child and make a birthing plan, most trust their physicians and hospital staff completely. This is what makes a delivery mistake resulting in a birth injury to the child so shocking and terrible.

While parents were busy planning for how to prepare for the baby after he or she arrives, most never thought to worry about the process of the baby actually entering the world for the first time. This is what the doctor’s are for: they prepare for the actual delivery and make the best plan to deliver the child safely. Sometimes this does not go as planned and it can be handled poorly by the doctor or hospital staff. Sometimes this botched delivery can lead to a devastating birth injury that will forever affect the life of the newborn child.

A delivery mistake may be grounds for a medical-malpractice lawsuit. It essentially claims that the doctor erred where others would have chosen a better birthing plan that would have resulted in no or lesser injury sustained to the child.

At Savinis Damico & Kane, our medical malpractice lawyers will consult top medical experts to determine if your child was harmed by medical negligence resulting from a delivery mistake. If so, we will work with a life care planner and economist to determine the full extent of emotional and financial damages. We will include the cost of necessary future medical treatments, necessary tools and devises, and, when necessary, modifications to your home to make it handicapped accessible. These modifications are often necessary and unfortunately, costly.

While most parents never know the heartache and trauma a birth injuries can cause, too many Pittsburgh residents know the pain all to well. If a third party is responsible for this type of health-altering delivery mistake sustained to your child, it is important to recover for your loss. Although it will not change your child’s condition it could mean access to better medical care and rehabilitation plans. These can mean all the difference in your child’s quality of life.