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Wrongful death suit an option for loved one’s unexpected death

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2015 | Wrongful Death

After the sudden and traumatizing death of a loved one, there is a level of shock and sorrow that resonates for Pittsburgh friends and family members. There are many reasons a family may decide to seek a wrongful death suit after a family members sudden death. The main reason is because the family believes a person or a third party is directly responsible for causing the person’s death. If so, there are options Pittsburgh residents should explore after a loved one’s death by fatal accident.

There are many tragic ways a Pittsburgh resident could potentially lose their life. Car accidents, medical errors and products liability are all reasons a person’s life may end abruptly and unjustly. In these situations, the driver, the doctor or the manufacturer could be held responsible for a death resulting from their oversight, decision or indecision.

There are many reasons a family may seek damages for negligence of the responsible party. First, it is important to many family members that someone is held accountable for the negligence that caused their loved one’s death. Second, a loved one that met an untimely death may have earned a certain amount of wages over the span of a normal life that could have been taken away from deserving family members. Third, damages for pain and suffering of the deceased are something to take into consideration. These are all understandable reasons for seeking compensation for a loved one’s death.

As too many Pittsburgh families already know, everything can change in the blink of an eye. While a chain of events may have been outside of personal control, there is some choice as to how you deal with the terrible situation. How a family responds to their loved one’s death is a personal matter and completely up to them. There are options out there for families who have suddenly lost a family member in a tragic way.