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August 2015 Archives

PA woman struck and killed by drunk driver; family files suit

Spirits used in moderation can be a great way for people to let loose at the end of a long day and relax. However, for too many Pittsburgh residents, alcohol transforms from an occasional indulgence to overuse and abuse. For one man, convicted of at least 4 previous DUIs, this seems to be the theme of his life. Unfortunately, while on his self-destructive path, he struck a young woman jogging on the side of the road. This led to her untimely death.

Wrongful death suit an option for loved one's unexpected death

After the sudden and traumatizing death of a loved one, there is a level of shock and sorrow that resonates for Pittsburgh friends and family members. There are many reasons a family may decide to seek a wrongful death suit after a family members sudden death. The main reason is because the family believes a person or a third party is directly responsible for causing the person's death. If so, there are options Pittsburgh residents should explore after a loved one's death by fatal accident.

Valuation by human capital and Pittsburgh wrongful death suits

Wrongful death suits are the direct result of an unexpected death of a loved one and the negligence of another. Much of the time the living family members are seeking to prove a responsible party and seek financial compensation for the loss of their loved one. These are all understandable goals for those who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another. But, how is the compensation often calculated and why could it pose a hurdle for the young or the elderly?

Design defect of drop-side cribs pose consumer injury risk

When people think of defective products they often think of the commonly recalled automobile. Automobiles are recalled for many reasons due to products liability claims and consumer injury risks. However, almost all industries have had recalls of their products for some reason or another.

A birth injury can negatively affect baby's quality of life

There is nothing quite like anticipating the birth of a child. There is much to be excited about, adding to your family or just beginning one, such is the case for many young couples. Most parents over-prepare for a baby's arrival, trying to plan for every last detail before the baby arrives. On the other hand, most Pittsburgh parents never prepare for or expect a tragic birth injury that leaves their child with a permanent disability.

Suit filed by Philly man who lost mom and sister in explosion

Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks that they would love to be in the middle of a wrongful death suit after the unexpected death of a loved one. Sadly, for too many Pittsburgh residents, this is the reality they find themselves facing after a tragic accident. However, a wrongful death lawsuit may be the best option after a tragic death of a family member involving the negligence of a third party. This was the decision a Philadelphia man came to after a truck exploded, which caused the death of his mother and sister.