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Pittsburgh residents should be aware of product liability

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2015 | Products Liability

When parents think of the dangers to their family may be exposed, they think of criminals or auto accidents. Most do not think that the products that families use everyday are inherently dangerous. The reality is that any consumer product can become a danger to parents or their children at any given time. There are many reasons products can become dangerous and cause injuries to the user.

Product liability is a broad legal doctrine that imposes responsibility on companies which make products that are dangerous by manufacturing or design.. The bottom line is that products can injure you or your family in ways never imagined. The silliest of choices by manufacturers can mean the worst for parents and their families.

For example, take into consideration an automobile defect. Let’s say the manufacturer made a mistake when it designed the rim of the tire of the vehicle and that this causes the tires to blow out unexpectedly when traveling at highway speeds. If a vehicle is traveling at high speeds and has a tire blowout, it could lead to a rollover or collisions with other vehicles. If traveling at high speed, there are more likely to be injuries to the passengers. The smallest design or manufacturing defect can cause serious injury or death and can be prosecuted through a products liability suit.

If a manufacturer has a defect in its design, manufacturing or marketing scheme for a product it should be brought to the proper people’s attention. This will prevent the defect for going undetected and possibly hurting other innocent people. Also, it will ensure stricter safety standards across that industry in particular.