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July 2015 Archives

What design defects could possibly affect Pittsburgh residents?

When it comes to consumer products, few countries are as heavily regulated for safety as the United States. The process and safety tests that consumer products such as cribs, machinery and automobiles have to endure are very rigorous and thorough. However, sometimes these tests do not always catch dangerous design defects in the product. A dangerous product's design lacks safety and could endanger the life of the consumer.

Pittsburgh residents should be aware of product liability

When parents think of the dangers to their family may be exposed, they think of criminals or auto accidents. Most do not think that the products that families use everyday are inherently dangerous. The reality is that any consumer product can become a danger to parents or their children at any given time. There are many reasons products can become dangerous and cause injuries to the user.

Why does Erb's Palsy occur during birth?

When parents are expecting a child there is much excitement surrounding the baby's arrival. Parents wonder whether it will be a boy or girl; whether it will love sports or art. Most parents do not think about their baby being injured during the birth. The reality is that Erb's palsy occurs in 2 out of every 1000 births.

Pennsylvania jail inmate dies; wrongful death suit filed

Inmates lose many rights, such as the right to vote and the right to certain freedoms, once incarcerated. Although convicted felons have made mistakes in their lives, they are still entitled to certain rights such as the right of access to healthcare. For one Pennsylvania inmate, this right was violated last week. This is according to a wrongful death suit filed by a family member after the unexpected death of a male inmate of the Allegheny County Jail.

Pittsburgh victims of medical malpractice injury may seek justice

Many doctors and medical professionals pride themselves on their high level of medical care and quality bedside manner. However, many Pittsburgh residents realize that this is not always true because of their own experiences.

Certain factors increase medication errors

Anesthesia is an extremely important part of many medical procedures. It helps patients stay out of pain so that doctors and nurses can do their jobs. However, as this blog has discussed in our previous post, anesthesia use is not without risks. In some cases, anesthesia can cause serious health problems or death. While this medication can cause issues, these problems often arise because of a doctor error.

What are the risks of anesthesia?

When people undergo significant medical procedures, they often take comfort in the fact that anesthesia is available. With the right anesthesia, people can have even the most complex of surgical procedures without feeling any pain. At least that is how it is supposed to work. In many cases, doctors can commit anesthesia malpractice, where mistakes are made. These mistakes can range from minor to deadly and can accompany a variety of serious risks.