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Wrongful death incident claims life of highway worker

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2015 | Wrongful Death

People who work in jobs that are considered dangerous in Pennsylvania are aware of their risks when they leave the house. Their families are also keenly aware of their circumstances. Even jobs that are not considered overtly risky can result in a fatal accident. When there is a wrongful death incident, it’s imperative that the families of those who died understand how to move forward when seeking compensation after the accident.

One job that is known to put employees in danger is working on a road crew. This was evident in a recent accident on Route 22 when a 43-year-old crewmember was hit by a vehicle that was moving in reverse. The worker was on a crew that was fixing a guardrail on the road when the accident happened. The investigation indicates that the worker was walking with his back facing a utility guardrail vehicle. He was in the vehicle’s blind spot when he was hit and became stuck underneath the car. The man was declared dead because of trauma to his head and body.

Families who suffer the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death accident will have a great deal to think about. There will be funeral costs that must be dealt with. The worker might have been the main breadwinner in the household and taken care of the person’s family. The emotional toll of an untimely death can be long-term and cause major problems.

The family has the right to be compensated for earnings over the course of the life of the person who died, companionship and pain and suffering. Insurance companies might sound as if they’re compassionate when they try to negotiate a settlement to preclude a wrongful death lawyer helping the family with a case. Often, the offer that is made is nowhere near enough to cover everything the family has lost.

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