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Pennsylvania car accidents can be due to safety-related defects

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2015 | Products Liability

Drivers in Pennsylvania can be injured in car accidents for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes the accident is not caused by a negligent driver, but is due to a defect in the motor vehicle itself. Defective vehicles are subject to recalls if there is a safety-related defect. What is a safety-related defect?

Per United States Code, a motor vehicle safety defect is one that is related to either a certain material used in the vehicle, a component of the vehicle, the way the vehicle was constructed or the way the vehicle performs. It must present a safety risk, and it could exist in motor vehicles or equipment that are designed or manufactured in the same way.

There are a wide variety of safety-related defects. For example, broken steering components could be considered a safety-related defect if they cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. In addition, if there is a defect in the vehicle’s fuel system or in the vehicle’s wiring system, this could be a safety-related defect, especially if it could cause the vehicle to ignite into flames. Moreover, if the gas pedal sticks or breaks, this could be a safety-related defect.

If the driver loses control of their vehicle due to a cracked or broken wheel, this may also be a safety-related defect. In some instances, the vehicle’s seat or windshield wipers will randomly fail, resulting in a safety-related defect. If the vehicle’s air bags randomly and unexpectedly deploy, this could also be a safety-related defect.

These are only some examples of safety-related defects that could result in a product recall. In addition to a recall, another way to hold manufacturers of defective vehicles responsible is through a product liability lawsuit. A Pennsylvania product liability attorney may be a good resource of information for those who want to learn more about product liability laws in Pennsylvania.

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