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Why should Pennsylvanians avoid soft baby bedding?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Products Liability

Although most Pennsylvania parents take great care determining which baby products to use, the most seemingly innocuous products can hurt a baby and sometimes even result in death. Readers may be surprised to learn that soft bedding is one product that has caused a number of infant deaths.

How does soft bedding lead to infant deaths? Babies often nuzzle soft sheets when they sleep with their faces down, which can cause suffocation. There have been cases in which a baby died because soft bedding covered the mouth and nose. Are there any other baby products that can have the same effect? Yes. Parents often put pillows, comforters, sheepskins or quilts inside cribs. These products can cover a baby’s face as he or she sleeps.

How can parents prevent such deaths? It is important to have bedding that tightly fits the mattress because a baby can get caught in loose bedding. Instead of placing pillows, quilts and stuffed toys in the crib, it is best to keep a baby warm by dressing him or her in pajamas that cover the feet. It is also advisable to let a baby sleep on his or her back to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. For added protection, parents should make sure that the crib and other baby products meet federal safety standards.

If any baby products are found defective and result in a child’s injury or death, Pennsylvania parents can file a product liability lawsuit. The legal action may hold a negligent manufacturer or retailer liable and may result in compensation. An experienced product liability attorney can help grieving parents review their legal options.

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