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On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Nursing Home Deaths

Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities do not just provide medical care for the elderly. The institutions serve as a place where the elderly can enjoy their twilight years in a respectful and dignified manner. However, not every nursing home gives this type of benefit to their residents. Others, whether intentional or not, engage in nursing home abuse. A Pennsylvanian who suspects that a loved one is being abused may wish to take legal action against the perpetrator. Our Pittsburgh-based law firm may be able to guide the person in their endeavor.

Our capable lawyers have successfully handled numerous nursing home death and abuse cases. We understand how complicated those cases can be. In addition to the legal aspect of the situation, there is also a physical and medical perspective that needs to be addressed in order to advance the case. Medical neglect can range from medication errors to lack of care for the medical condition of the nursing-home or assisted-living resident. Physical abuse, on the other hand, is also common. It can range from unnecessary physical restraint to assault.

In the unfortunate case that the resident dies, another contributing factor may be the facility itself. There are also instances when a resident is being sexually abused. Whatever the situation may be, a Pennsylvania family can be confident that we will fight for justice. While compensation cannot replace the loss of a loved one in any way, the death can cause a financial burden for families. If necessary, our experienced lawyers aim to seek the compensation needed to prevent the family from suffering unnecessarily.

Our Pittsburgh-based law firm understands how difficult the situation can be for the family. As the family picks up the pieces and grieves, we will handle the legal aspect of the situation. Although your loved one may have passed away, it is never too late to give the person the respect and justice that is deserved.