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Fighting for Pennsylvania nursing home neglect victims

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2015 | Nursing Home Deaths

As Pennsylvanians are living longer and fuller lives, the senior population will continue to grow, meaning that assisted-living facilities and nursing homes will see a rise in residents. However, as the numbers increase, the quality of care should either remain the same or rise simultaneously. If Pennsylvanians suspect that their elderly loved ones are being subjected to nursing home neglect, then our Pittsburgh-based law firm can help them fight for the rights of their loved ones.

Immediate action is necessary when dealing with nursing home abuse. Residents of these facilities are often frail and waiting to address the issue can result in a nursing home death. Our skilled lawyers have years of extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with nursing home abuse and death cases, which are often complex. However, our wide network of experts regularly helps us effectively break down cases in order to precisely identify the cause of the death or abuse and the parties directly and indirectly responsible.

Our skilled lawyers are also aware that nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are not just governed by their own policies; state and federal regulations also provide strict laws for operation and care. We efficiently determine if any violations were made by nursing home staff and aggressively pursue litigation to hold them accountable not just in terms of justice, but in terms of the monetary value of their actions. Victims and their families should not be subjected to financial injury because of the mistakes of others. So we seek the highest possible compensation for victims and their families.

Despite our tenacious legal stance, our law firm is known for its compassionate and client-centered service. We understand the difficulty victims and their families go through. So we do our best to keep them comfortable and make sure that their privacy is protected to the highest possible extent.