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Steel factory explosion results in workplace deaths

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Work-Related Deaths

Working in a steel factory is not without risks. In addition to the steel itself, chemicals and the intense heat from the furnaces used to melt and mold the steel can be deadly if proper safety measures are not followed. Pennsylvanians, as well as other people across the United States, were recently shocked to discover that an accident occurred at the U.S. Steel’s Fairfield Works. The accident illustrates the dangers of working in a steel factory and it also resulted in two workplace deaths.

According to the report, a blast occurred at the Alabama steel plant’s “Q-Bop,” an area where molten steel is made. A 53-year-old male worker and another male worker died, and one other person suffered critical injuries. The injured worker was taken to a burn intensive care unit. However, the other two workers succumbed to their injuries. The injured worker remains in critical condition.

United States Steel, headquartered in Pittsburgh, confirmed that an investigation is ongoing. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also investigating the fatal accident. Rod Scott, Alabama State Representative, also got involved in the situation. He stated that U.S. Steel has been a part of the Fairfield community for a long time and has had an unblemished safety record up to this point. He urged community members to have faith in the ongoing investigation.

Whether the work-related death occurs in Alabama or Pennsylvania, families can file a wrongful death lawsuit if the cause of the death was the result of someone else’s negligence. The loss of a loved one is a difficult situation for any family. Although it is understood that litigation is the furthest thing from a family’s mind during such a difficult time, it is something to consider. Besides the medical and funeral expenses, a victim deserves justice. A legal action can lead to both a measure of justice for the victim and compensation to cover accident-related damages.

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