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Shedding light on nursing home death cases

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2014 | Nursing Home Deaths

When Pennsylvanians place an elderly loved one in the care of an assisted living facility or nursing home, they have a reasonable expectation that the facility will provide quality care and adhere to state and federal regulations. Unfortunately, some institutions or their employees fail to meet that expectation and, instead of protecting vulnerable patients, they subject seniors to nursing home abuse. Worse yet, this abuse may lead to nursing home death. Our Pittsburgh law firm gives seniors their due respect and wants to help them and their families achieve justice for the wrongdoing of negligent care facilities.

Besides helping families in Pennsylvania, we have won numerous elder abuse cases across the United States. Our law firm understands the complexity of such cases. Nursing home abuse or death cases can result from: medication errors, inability to prevent a patient from falling, physical and medical neglect, failure to monitor a resident’s status, unclean conditions, physical and even sexual assault.

After handling many nursing home death and abuse cases, we understand that each situation is unique and must be managed appropriately to achieve the best possible outcome. To accomplish this, we do not solely rely on our own legal experience. Rather, we frequently work hand-in-hand with medical, legal and financial experts who can bring new perspective to an investigation. Our approach is personal and client-centered. We keep families involved. After all, it is their case and we would like to see them feel a sense of justice to the fullest extent possible when a case has come to a successful conclusion.

Additionally, our firm ensures that Pennsylvania families achieve the highest compensation possible. While monetary awards will not lessen the pain of losing a loved one, they can help a family recoup financial losses from medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses that were incurred due to the nursing home death.