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Work-related death linked to the use of pesticides at golf course

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Work-Related Deaths

Workers, especially those who are working in high-risk industries like mining, construction and logging, know that workplace accidents are often just looming around the corner. Here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, employers do their part in making the workplace safe for all workers. Still, even with all the efforts to prevent accidents, there is always a possibility that it will happen, and when it happens, it can result in a work-related death.

But not all workplace deaths are caused by an accident. Sometimes, years of exposure to various chemicals can cause a worker to develop a disease that can eventually lead to his or her death. Such is the case of a man who worked at a golf course for decades. He allegedly died from prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals.

According to the victim’s son, his father sustained an acute myeloid leukemia in 2008. And in early 2009, the man died from cardiac arrest. An oncologist changed the victim’s son perspective on the cause of his father’s death. Based on the doctor’s analysis, the golf course worker’s DNA was altered due to years of exposure to harmful chemicals.

The victim’s son then researched the chemicals used by his father during the time that he was still working at the golf course. The son found out that some of the chemicals have been banned for both garden and home use. Because of this, the son decided to file a lawsuit against pesticide companies for the loss of his father.

Similarly, the family of a worker who died in a workplace accident can file a lawsuit if the death was caused by a third party. Another way to compensate their losses is by filing a workers’ compensation claim that can bring relief and alleviate their financial injury.

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