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Man injured picking up leaves dies

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Work-Related Deaths

Workplace death in Allegheny can occur at any juncture during the workday. It can happen with jobs that are known to be dangerous but can also happen with jobs that are not usually considered risky. Work related death and workplace injury are not restricted to the prototypical jobs that are often associated with the unfortunate eventuality.

A 27-year-old man died after he suffered injuries three months earlier while doing leaf pickup. A dump truck was towing a machine used to vacuum leaves when it accidentally ran over the man. The man and another worker were walking to their pickup truck to leave for their next job when the accident happened. There were no witnesses so it is unclear as to how the man was run over.

Regardless of the kinds of jobs people do, there is always a possibility that an accident may occur that could lead to workplace injury or death. If another person is negligent or acts recklessly on the job, the accidents that result can cause long-term problems for the victim. They can lead to extended stays in the hospital, hefty medical costs, problems with everyday activities, the inability to return to work and even death. The family of a person who is killed in a workplace accident may find themselves without the breadwinner of the household and not know how they’re going to survive. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and other damages are commonplace in the aftermath of a workplace injury or death.

The victim or their family may find it necessary to file a claim against the person who caused the injury by their negligence. If the claim is successful, the victim can receive the compensation needed to cover their expenses.

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