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December 2013 Archives

$55 million Pennsylvania medical malpractice verdict

Getting pregnant and the subsequent birth of a child are joyous times for any Pennsylvania family. However, not everything always goes smoothly as planned. Medical negligence is a possibility, especially since an infant's life is so fragile.

Pennsylvania family takes action after son's body comes home

Serving in the United States military is trying on everyone involved; the officer as well as his family members and other loved ones. People typically fear the worse; losing your life in battle. This fear can sadly become a reality during times of war and other battles. However, it may also be the result of a wrongful death situation, perhaps something a little less expected.

3-D printers' relationship to product liability law

Product liability law as we know it may be changing. The predicted change is based on a recent development in production and manufacturing: 3-D printers. Any product liability lawyer would probably be able to tell our readers that those using such devices and the products they produce should be alert to these possible changes.

Pennsylvania court confirms $2.3 million wrongful death award

Asbestos is a product that has an interesting history of litigation in Pennsylvania and throughout the rest of the United States. Ever since the harmful effects of asbestos were uncovered, those injured by the product have been forthcoming about their injuries -- particularly where someone is specifically responsible for their injuries. They have typically filed negligence or product liability cases. For those not fortunate enough to survive their injuries, their families also have the opportunity to pursue wrongful death actions.

Lawsuit follows Philadelphia man's ladder death

When a Pennsylvania couple marries, they normally do not imagine how life will proceed should one partner pass away. Sadly, those we love can pass away unexpectedly in an unforeseen accident during the normal scope of life, including while one partner is at work. While it is never truly possible to prepare for such an incident, post-accident measures like a wrongful death lawsuit can help a grieving spouse recover losses. A Philadelphia woman decided to take such action following the tragic, unexpected loss of her husband.