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Popular children’s furniture sold in Pittsburgh recalled

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2013 | Products Liability

For children in Pittsburgh, getting to pick out their own big-kid beds can be a very big deal. While parents may lament how mature their children are becoming, the kids look forward to the freedom of sleeping in beds where they are not completely contained.

For families that bought children’s beds at the popular retailer IKEA, those new big-kid beds may hold a hidden danger to the children who sleep in them. Certain production groups of the KRITTER and SNIGLAR children’s beds have been recalled due to the potential of a guardrail support rod breaking and revealing jagged metal. This product liability matter may affect individuals who purchased the included beds at the Pittsburgh IKEA on Park Manor Boulevard.

While around 200,000 of the dangerous beds were sold around the world, Pittsburgh families that want to check if their furniture is affected should check the tags under the bed for the following manufacturing dates: KRITTER beds with dates listed between 1114-1322 and SNIGLAR beds with dates listed between 1114-1318. If you own one of the affected beds, you may contact IKEA for a free repair kit.

Seven incidents of breaking rods have been reported. When a consumer is injured by a dangerous product that would not have caused the injury had it had been working properly, that consumer may be eligible to bring a product liability lawsuit against the responsible product designer, manufacturer or distributor. Depending upon when in the process of promulgating the product to the public the problems occurred, individuals able to bring such lawsuits may have to determine which parties to include in the litigation. Product liability attorneys are specially trained in the area of product liability law and can assist injured people in preparing effective cases against those responsible for their damages.

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