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August 2013 Archives

Product liability case may be moving out of PA state court

Litigation can vary significantly. It can involve a few parties from the same state or several different parties, national and international. It can raise easy or complex issues. This is true of all types of cases, including those arising from a product liability claim. Further, sometimes these details will dictate whether the case proceeds in state or federal court.

14 years later medical malpractice suit lives on in Pennsylvania

People put a lot of trust into their doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Most people do not have the ability to treat themselves and therefore need skilled help in determining if they are sick and how to treat the illness. Most of the time, doctors do a great job at both diagnosis and treatment. However, sometimes mistakes happen and patients pay the price.

Popular children's furniture sold in Pittsburgh recalled

For children in Pittsburgh, getting to pick out their own big-kid beds can be a very big deal. While parents may lament how mature their children are becoming, the kids look forward to the freedom of sleeping in beds where they are not completely contained.

Pennsylvania worker killed when truck crushes him

A western Pennsylvania industrial worker was killed in a work-related accident at a coal mine. According to reports, the deceased was working on the suspension system of a large earth moving truck when it gave way and crushed him. The mining company does not yet have any further details about the accident and the investigation continues. Unfortunately, one thing is for sure: the deceased's family will have to cope with life without their loved one.

Tree-trimmer killed on the job

Many career paths, especially those involving manual labor, can also involve some inherent risks for workers. These risks can be minor, such as bruises, cuts, muscle pulls or even broken limbs. However, for those jobs that also require use of tools and heavy machinery, or those that involve heights or proximity to other dangerous elements, the risk of injury can be significantly increased -- and the injuries themselves can be more severe.