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ATV racing accident leaves one teen dead

The feeling of traveling at high speeds, whether in a car, on a motorcycle or in another open-air vehicle, can be appealing and thrilling to many, especially youths who are just beginning their driving careers. However, speed can be dangerous, as any wrongful death attorney knows, even in an organized setting, such as a race on a track, where accidents can happen at any time.

Crash victim dies one week after hit-and-run accident

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for the friends and family of an accident victim is seeing the victim in the hospital. As any wrongful death attorney knows, the aftermath of a tragic accident can be hard on loved ones, especially where there is extended pain and suffering.

Drugs may have played a role in fatal bus-train accident

Often, poor or unusual weather can be a nightmare for drivers. Natural phenomena such as dense fog or heavy wind and rain can force drivers to slow down or pull over because visibility becomes so bad-and even then, accidents still happen because of the weather. However, not all accidents that happen during weather events can be attributed to the weather. As any wrongful death attorney knows, accidents may still be caused by the negligent actions of others.

The heavy costs of medical misdiagnosis

There are many causes of medical malpractice from hospital negligence and administrative errors to doctor negligence. According to a recent study conducted at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, however, the leading cause of medical malpractice claims associated with serious injuries or death are diagnostic errors. Pennsylvania residents who have suffered serious complications due to the misdiagnosis of their medical conditions may find the following blog interesting.

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