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Pittsburgh-area highway accident kills two

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Driving can be a dangerous activity even in the best of conditions: little to no traffic or good weather. However as any wrongful death attorney knows, while one driver may be following good driving practices, that does not mean that every other driver on the road is doing the same. One bad driver can cause an accident, changing the lives others forever.

On a Pittsburgh-area highway, two cars collided, resulted in two deaths and two injuries. One vehicle, with three people, was traveling northbound one Route 65, when it crossed the center line. It was then T-boned by another car. The driver and front passenger of the first car were killed on impact, while the backseat passenger and the driver of the second car were taken to a local hospital, both in serious condition. Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, though speed is considered to be a factor. Just before the accident, police officers had seen a vehicle matching the description of the first vehicle speeding.

When someone is killed due to the negligence or wrongful action of another, the victim’s immediate family members may be able to bring a wrongful death action against the responsible party. For instance, if the car accident discussed above was caused by the driver’s negligent or reckless action, such as speeding, the victim’s family could bring an action against the driver. The injured parties could also bring a personal injury suit against the driver for their injuries.

In a wrongful death action, damages are primarily monetary, and compensate for such things as loss of support, and medical and funeral expenses. These damages are calculated by taking into account the age of the victim, as well as the health, life expectancy and earning capacity.

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