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Court awards veteran $3.7 million in medical malpractice suit

When a patient goes to a doctor's office or hospital, they must rely on the expertise of the medical professionals who oversee and administer their care because the patient does not have the medical knowledge to make sure that the course of treatment is the correct one. And any Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer knows how dangerous it can be when a doctor or hospital fails in their duty to properly diagnose and treat a patient.

Drugs a factor in car accident death of Pennsylvania woman

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and can change lives forever and cane devastating for the surviving family members. As any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows, this tragic event can be even more overwhelming when the victim was killed in an avoidable accident.

Pittsburgh-area woman hit by truck, killed while jogging

Fitness buffs who take to the streets to get their exercise are no stranger to the risks posed by running on or along public roads, and often wear gear specially designed for safety, such as reflective vests and other reflective items, so that drivers can see them. However, any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the danger of a pedestrian getting hit by a car is all too real and can end tragically.

Man charged in death of Pennsylvania construction worker

Performing construction work on roadways is a dangerous job. Workers constantly perform their duties within mere inches of moving vehicles. For this reason, many safety precautions are put in place. Hazard lights, signs notifying drivers of construction work, and lower speed limits all serve this purpose. Unfortunately, though, negligent drivers sometimes ignore these safety measures and cause an accident that is fatal. When this happens it is likely a wrongful death has occurred.

Pittsburgh-area nursing homes fall below national average

The state of Pennsylvania has the fourth-highest percentage of residents who are 65 and older. Due to this large senior population, Pennsylvania also has a large network of nursing homes and senior care centers. However, as any Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyer knows, not all nursing homes provide the same level of care.

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