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Pittsburgh-area highway accident kills two

Driving can be a dangerous activity even in the best of conditions: little to no traffic or good weather. However as any wrongful death attorney knows, while one driver may be following good driving practices, that does not mean that every other driver on the road is doing the same. One bad driver can cause an accident, changing the lives others forever.

Pittsburgh-area teenager killed in car accident

Perhaps one of the most anxiety-inducing times for the parent of a teenager is when they drive off with a car full of friends. Parents do all they can to make sure that their child learns safe driving habits, but as any wrongful death attorney knows, a parent can only do so much. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, changing lives forever.

NFL Wrongful death suit merged with Pennsylvania concussion case

Suicide can be a confusing and emotional topic for the surviving family and friends of the victim, especially if there were no warning signs. However, in some instances, loved ones may be aware that the negligence of others was the cause of the problem, and they may seek assistance from a wrongful death attorney.

Families of Pittsburgh flood victims bring wrongful death suits

Losing a family member in a tragic accident can be a traumatic and devastating time. And any wrongful death attorney knows that loss is even more heart-rending when a single accident claims the lives of multiple family members.

Drunk driver who killed bicyclist sued for wrongful death

The death of a child, no matter their age, can be devastating for a parent. Any wrongful death lawyer knows that when that death was caused by the misconduct of another, it can be particularly painful for the surviving family members.

Drugs a factor in car accident death of Pennsylvania woman

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and can change lives forever and cane devastating for the surviving family members. As any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows, this tragic event can be even more overwhelming when the victim was killed in an avoidable accident.

Pittsburgh-area woman hit by truck, killed while jogging

Fitness buffs who take to the streets to get their exercise are no stranger to the risks posed by running on or along public roads, and often wear gear specially designed for safety, such as reflective vests and other reflective items, so that drivers can see them. However, any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the danger of a pedestrian getting hit by a car is all too real and can end tragically.

Man charged in death of Pennsylvania construction worker

Performing construction work on roadways is a dangerous job. Workers constantly perform their duties within mere inches of moving vehicles. For this reason, many safety precautions are put in place. Hazard lights, signs notifying drivers of construction work, and lower speed limits all serve this purpose. Unfortunately, though, negligent drivers sometimes ignore these safety measures and cause an accident that is fatal. When this happens it is likely a wrongful death has occurred.

Pennsylvania woman brings wrongful death suit for father's death

Losing a family member can be a tragic and devastating occurrence. As any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows, even more distressful to the surviving family can be the knowledge that family member experienced a great deal of pain and suffering before death.

Suit over wrongful death at University of Pennsylvania party settled

Many people think of college parties as they are depicted in the movies-loud and raucous with the alcohol flowing. Students may be left with nothing much worse than a hangover the next day. But any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the combination of young people and alcohol can result in bigger problems than a mere hangover, including injury or even death.