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Electrocution case ends in settlement with Pennsylvania agency

There are many different ways that a Pennsylvania family can respond to the death of a loved one. Working with a wrongful death attorney can help illuminate the different paths a family can take when struggling with the financial obstacles that come in the wake of a tragic loss.

Choking incident in Pennsylvania results in lawsuit

There is no disputing that accidents happen and that these accidents can sometimes end in tragedy. The response to an accident often changes and the incident comes under added scrutiny when a child is involved. The extra attentiveness is especially present in situations involving a wrongful death situation.

Pennsylvania family takes action after son's body comes home

Serving in the United States military is trying on everyone involved; the officer as well as his family members and other loved ones. People typically fear the worse; losing your life in battle. This fear can sadly become a reality during times of war and other battles. However, it may also be the result of a wrongful death situation, perhaps something a little less expected.

Pennsylvania court confirms $2.3 million wrongful death award

Asbestos is a product that has an interesting history of litigation in Pennsylvania and throughout the rest of the United States. Ever since the harmful effects of asbestos were uncovered, those injured by the product have been forthcoming about their injuries -- particularly where someone is specifically responsible for their injuries. They have typically filed negligence or product liability cases. For those not fortunate enough to survive their injuries, their families also have the opportunity to pursue wrongful death actions.

Lawsuit follows Philadelphia man's ladder death

When a Pennsylvania couple marries, they normally do not imagine how life will proceed should one partner pass away. Sadly, those we love can pass away unexpectedly in an unforeseen accident during the normal scope of life, including while one partner is at work. While it is never truly possible to prepare for such an incident, post-accident measures like a wrongful death lawsuit can help a grieving spouse recover losses. A Philadelphia woman decided to take such action following the tragic, unexpected loss of her husband.

$12 million settlement in Pennsylvania wrongful death case

Wrongful death lawsuits can be powerful tools in remedying the loss of a loved one. They remind potential defendants just how precious life is and that the law supports significant awards when an individual is tragically killed due to another's negligence.

Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuit ends with huge settlement

Death is inevitable. But when death comes at the hands of someone acting violently, negligently or irresponsibly, the loss of a loved one becomes even harder to handle. In addition to the emotional pain and suffering that comes with losing a family member, there are financial costs. Funeral costs, loss of income and other bills can quickly add up and create serious financial hardship. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be one way to not only hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions, but also to gain the financial security needed to move forward.

Family considers lawsuit in Pennsylvania wrongful death

The financial struggles of the United States are pervading all aspects of life, including those that may not be obviously affected until something tragic happens. For instance, an incident involving a 12-year-old girl highlighted the devastating effects that cuts to school budgets may be having on the Pennsylvania community.

Pennsylvania city treasurer's wrongful death lawsuit

A recent building collapse that killed six people has left many families, who lost these loved ones, wondering how to respond to the incident. In addition to their emotional recovery, the families can seek legal recourse like filing a wrongful death lawsuit or even a survival action to recover for their loss.

Two jail suicides may be wrongful deaths

The death of a loved one is never an easy situation to handle. This is especially true when there is a debate over the cause of death. The law recognizes that there may be situations that are unclear, and concerned family members have the opportunity to bring a wrongful death claim.