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Pedestrian loses life in accident south of Pittsburgh

Pedestrians, unlike drivers, are unprotected when they walk on the sidewalks and pass crosswalks in Pennsylvania. However, they do have the law to protect them. Traffic regulations require drivers to yield to pedestrians while they are on crosswalks and intersections. Drivers are also required to steer clear of pedestrians walking along sidewalks. Nevertheless, there are still drivers who do not obey traffic rules and regulations and the safety of pedestrians. An Ellsworth man is facing charges for allegedly being one of those drivers.

Understanding the fundamentals of a wrongful death lawsuit

There is nothing worse than the feeling of losing a loved one. However, the situation is made even more difficult when a loved one's death was caused by the negligence of another person. In such a situation, family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Before doing so, it is best that Pennsylvanians who have lost their loved ones are aware of the merits of the legal action and what they may be facing during the legal process.

Pennsylvania trooper involved in fatal accident

Exercising extra caution while behind the wheel is no longer limited to dangerous driving conditions. It is a must, especially when it comes to the often congested and busy roads and highways of Pennsylvania. Otherwise, an accident can easily occur and injure not just the driver, but numerous others as well.

Increased penalties for drivers at fault in fatal hit-and-runs

When it comes to the safety of those traveling on the roadways, specific laws and regulations have been put into place. In hopes of reducing fatal accidents on the road, strict or harsh penalties may ensue for those who are accused of being negligent drivers, especially those who drive while under the influence. Furthermore, when the rates of automobile crashes in a state are not declining as lawmakers had hoped, new legislation could be passed to further their goal to reduce negligent drivers and drunk driving incidents.

Young man killed when motorist swerves into wrong lane

Every year, thousands of people are killed, and thousands more are injured, in preventable car accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that the majority of automobile accidents in the United States are the result of avoidable human error. When someone is killed in a car accident due to the negligent actions of another party, the family may have a viable wrongful death suit available to them.

Boom in oil and gas industry sparks fatal accidents

While some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, every worker, regardless of the industry, has the right to expect a reasonably clean and safe work environment. Sadly, despite all of the effort and work that has been put into increasing workplace safety in the U.S. over the last 100 years, the number of fatal accidents is still far too high. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 there were more than 4,000 fatal workplace injuries, with many more nonfatal workplace illnesses and injuries.

Widow sues drug manufacturer for wrongful death

There is nothing worse than losing a loved one in a tragic and preventable accident. From product liability cases to workplace accidents, when fatal accidents in Pennsylvania do take place the family of the deceased may be able to file a civil action know as a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. In such cases, plaintiffs may seek damages for medical costs, lost wages, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and much more.

Family gets $17 million settlement for wrongful death

Accidents and tragedies can happen at a Pennsylvania worksite, particularly when the work involves construction. There can be numerous issues that lead to such an incident, including safety hazards. Sadly when these safety hazards happen a wrongful death can occur on the jobsite.

Outbreaks in Pennsylvania hospitals lead to wrongful death suits

Hospitals are a place that many Pennsylvania families retreat to secure health care for their ailing loved ones. Pennsylvania residents may not realize, however, that hospitals can sometimes internally spread diseases and cause other serious ailments and complications -- like death to hospital patients. When this happens, filing a wrongful death action may be the only recourse.

Truck driver falls asleep, could face wrongful death lawsuit

In Pittsburgh, a wrongful death is an unexpected occurrence that can affect a family and friends at any moment. When a fatal accident happens, there are times when there is a clearly responsible party and the surviving loved ones decide to get more information in order to attempt to recoup damages for their loss.