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Warning defects on products can be dangerous to consumers

Practically every product that a Pittsburgh resident brings home from the store includes somewhere on its packaging or the product itself a label that lists warnings. A product may warn of small parts that could be choking hazards to small children, or it may warn of using the product properly to avoid electrocution if it is powered through a plug. It is a responsibility of product makers to anticipate the ways that their products could pose threats to consumers and if those threats cannot be avoided through changes in the products' designs then the makers must offer warnings of the harm their products may create.

Do I have to prove negligence in a product liability claim?

When a Pennsylvania resident goes to the store and buys a new item off the shelf, he or she expects that the item will work as it should, and that it will not pose any unexpected hazards. However, as readers of this personal injury legal blog know, not every consumer good put out into the stream of commerce is safe. In fact, some consumer products are simply dangerous, and when individuals are harmed by them those victims can turn to product liability law to provide them with a legal basis on which to pursue their losses.

Can an automobile's design defect be responsible for injury?

Car accidents happen every day on Pittsburgh roads. Most accidents are due to a driver's carelessness. In these cases, another person who is injured may be able to hold the negligent driver liable for his or her injuries. However, in some cases, an accident may not be entirely the fault of any driver.

PA product liability case gets second chance at trial

Few lawsuits ever get tried twice. For one Pennsylvania man, he is one the few who gets a second chance at trial after his leg was crushed by a lift table. The man is seeking damages resulting from the injury. He alleged that the table was unsafe due to its lack of warning lights or alarms. A recent case set a new precedent, which has called for its ability to be re-tried.

Gun injury due to defects and product liability

Guns have been a hot topic in the news as the country is nearing the next presidential election. Regardless of which side one may fall on, the right to bear arms is still upheld as a constitutional right. But, the dangers of a gun does not only exist at the end of the barrel. Rather, just like any other product, guns can cause injuries due to some type of product defect. And, the type of law that compensates those injured by defective products, including guns, is called product liability, which is an area of company negligence under Pennsylvania law.

A background on strict liability, product liability claims

Did you know that manufacturers of a product can be held liable for injuries resulting from a defect in their product? This also applies to products that were falsely represented or marketed. While all products in the U.S. and Pennsylvania are held to this standard, some product are held to an even higher level of responsibility. Products that are inherently dangerous are considered strictly liable for any injury or damages to a user.

Defenses drug companies may use against product liability claims

Pharmaceutical companies play a big role in helping ill and unwell people continue their lives after an injury or illness. They do this by providing pharmaceutical drugs that are then provided over the counter or prescribed by doctors. But what happens when a pill or drug is faulty or doesn't list potential side effects? Believe it or not, these instances do occur and can have disastrous effects on the use of these drugs.

Design defect of drop-side cribs pose consumer injury risk

When people think of defective products they often think of the commonly recalled automobile. Automobiles are recalled for many reasons due to products liability claims and consumer injury risks. However, almost all industries have had recalls of their products for some reason or another.

What design defects could possibly affect Pittsburgh residents?

When it comes to consumer products, few countries are as heavily regulated for safety as the United States. The process and safety tests that consumer products such as cribs, machinery and automobiles have to endure are very rigorous and thorough. However, sometimes these tests do not always catch dangerous design defects in the product. A dangerous product's design lacks safety and could endanger the life of the consumer.

Pittsburgh residents should be aware of product liability

When parents think of the dangers to their family may be exposed, they think of criminals or auto accidents. Most do not think that the products that families use everyday are inherently dangerous. The reality is that any consumer product can become a danger to parents or their children at any given time. There are many reasons products can become dangerous and cause injuries to the user.