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Can I sue a hospital for medical malpractice?

When it comes to preparing a civil pleading to seek one's negligence-based damages, a victim may consider all of the people who could have contributed to the hazards that led to their harm. In a case of medical malpractice those people may include doctors, nurses, hospital staff members and others who work as medical or support personnel. However, there is one "person" that may not jump out as a possible medical malpractice defendant - the hospital where the medical malpractice happened.

Misdiagnoses can seriously hurt Pennsylvania patients

The diagnosis of a serious disease can strike apprehension into the heart of a Pittsburgh resident. For example, a person recently diagnosed with cancer may fear that they will not live long enough to see their children grow up or that they may not be able to accomplish all of their life's dreams before they pass on. However, thanks to modern medicine and the regulated practices of medical professionals many people who are diagnosed with serious diseases often fully recover and continue enjoying their lives long into the future.

How can a victim in Pittsburgh prove medical negligence?

Negligence occurs when a person fails to meet a particular standard of care and another person is harmed by that conduct. In the context of medical negligence, it is often the conduct of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals that is alleged to have caused or created harm for Pittsburgh residents. This post will offer an overview of the general elements of a medical negligence case, but readers are asked to discuss their medical malpractice questions with legal professionals who provide counseling and advocacy in this area of the law.

Lawsuit alleges doctors disregarded patient's health directive

It is not uncommon for Pittsburgh residents to take proactive steps to prepare for the future. One way that many people plan to protect themselves and their estates is to create estate plans. While many readers are likely familiar with wills and maybe even trusts, others may be unfamiliar with medical directives.

A doctor's mistake may cost you more than your health

For many Pittsburgh residents, going to the doctor is a necessary part of maintaining their health, and ensuring that their ailments are addressed and remedied in a timely manner. Whether a patient has the ability to choose his or her own medical practitioners, or receives care from doctors who are available when the patient's needs arise, should not impact the quality of care the individual receives. In order to practice medicine, doctors must pass rigorous courses of study and sit for examinations that demonstrate their ability to provide medical care for those who seek their services.

When a misdiagnosis becomes a case of medical malpractice

Going to visit the doctor is a necessary evil for many Pittsburgh residents. Few enjoy stepping onto the scale, having their bodies poked and prodded, and then hearing about all of the things they should be doing to take better care of their physical systems. Often, trips to the doctor result in patients receiving clean bills of health or accurate diagnoses for the symptoms that present themselves and require intervention to resolve. From time to time, though, a patient may be dismissed by a doctor without a necessary diagnosis or with the wrong diagnosis to a serious medical condition.

Medical malpractice losses can be significant and costly

Medical accidents, and situations of medical negligence can be costly, painful, and life-altering. Pittsburgh residents who have to endure the difficultly of suffering medical malpractice injuries or losses can attest to the many challenges that accompany such an event. Aside from the very difficult process of healing from a doctor's or hospital's error or mistake, comes the financial toll of extra medical bills and lost earnings, the emotional stress of experiencing a hardship and the individual losses one feels from becoming the victim of a preventable harm.

Settlements important in Pittsburgh medical malpractice

Most Pennsylvanians likely understand that professionals such as doctors are usually held to higher standards than other people would be, with regard to their work. This is important because of the amount of training medical professionals receive, and the fact that they quite often hold the lives of their patients in their hands. When a person sees a physician or enters a hospital, he or she is likely in a vulnerable state and expects to receive adequate care and treatment. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, and doctors and other hospital staff can make mistakes.

Suit alleges hospital error caused fatal hemorrhage

When you enter a medical facility complaining of dizziness and weakness, you never think that such mild condition could result in death. A Pennsylvania woman walked into a Willow Grove facility complaining of these symptoms and just a short time later she passed away. The husband's wrongful death suit alleges that his wife died due to hospital negligence. This occurred when she was given an incorrect dosage of medication.

Pittsburgh mold deaths: hospital malpractice or product problem?

When people check into a hospital, they generally expect that all measures will be taken to care for them and try to get them well. They certainly do not expect to contract a fungal infection that may ultimately kill them. Unfortunately, that has what has happened in several Pittsburgh hospitals over the last few years. Now, there is a question as to whether the hospital or a linen company is responsible.