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December 2017 Archives

Product liability dangers may lurk in holiday gifts

Last year, hoverboards were a hot gift item for kids and adults alike. The appeal of cruising around on a small electric vehicle caused many Pittsburgh residents to include the electronics item on their wish lists. However, in the last 12 months, a number of families have come to discover a potential danger in these popular items: fire risks from defective charging and electrical systems.

How courts assess unavoidably unsafe products

While watching the evening news, a Pittsburgh resident may see one of the many commercials that pharmaceutical companies air to advertise their prescription drugs. During one of these ads the commercial may list some of the drug's potential side effects, and some of those potential complications may be life-threatening. A viewer may wonder why a company would market a drug to treat a medical condition when that drug could result in death.

Hidden danger lurking in Pittsburgh

Whether you were born and raised in Pittsburgh or, like many, emigrated here from another state or country, you have likely enjoyed the countless amenities life in the Steel City has to offer. From the spectacular view atop Mount Washington to the three rivers below as they sparkle from nighttime lights, from tailgate parties at Heinz Field to the eclectic atmosphere of the Strip District, this city continually ranks high on lists of best places to live in America.

What is a birth injury?

Every year many Pittsburgh families celebrate the birth of a new baby into their lives. For close to nine months they may wait and count down the days until their baby's due date and expectantly plan for the future they will enjoy with their new addition. A good number of the babies born in the United States are healthy infants who, after a short period of monitoring, are able to go home from their hospitals with their parents. Others, unfortunately, suffer injuries during the labor and delivery processes that leave them with medical problems to overcome.

A workplace death may be the result of negligence

A job is a source of both income and pride for a Pittsburg resident. As such, individuals pour their hearts and souls into the work that they do so that they can do their best and provide for the ones they love. Many individuals work for decades in careers they enjoy and retire when they are financially able to live out their lives without the regular income of a job.

Construction site accident leaves one worker dead

All across the state new buildings, residential communities, and office parks are popping up. Pennsylvanians may visit towns they have not been to in several years only to find that new structures have appeared and changed the layouts of the communities that they once knew. All of the new growth and expansion can be credited to the hard work of men and women who are employed in the construction field.

Medical malpractice: a review of potential surgical mistakes

Although some Pennsylvanians may live their entire lives without ever having to have surgery, others may be plagued with medical conditions that require multiple operations. Surgery is often invasive, painful and may involve a lengthy recovery even if a doctor performs the procedure with superlative expertise and care. In some situations, though, medical malpractice may occur when health care professionals make damaging surgical mistakes.

Who is vulnerable to asbestos exposure?

Exposure to asbestos can be physically devastating, even if the damage isn't apparent until years later. Pennsylvania individuals who work in certain fields would be wise to know about their potential risk for exposure and how they can protect themselves against coming into contact with this dangerous toxic substance.