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August 2017 Archives

Work-related accidents can be fatal and devastating to families

According to the Department of Labor, more than 4,800 Americans died in work-related accidents during the 2015 calendar year, and some of those tragic losses occurred right here in Pennsylvania. Although some occupations suffer higher work-related deaths than others, any person can be involved in a fatal incident while performing the duties of his or her job.

Contractor risks workers' lives hiding truth about asbestos

The benefits of asbestos were a driving force behind its extensive use in manufacturing construction materials in past decades. Items such as ceiling and floor tiles commonly contain asbestos because of its resistance to heat and other valuable properties. It wasn't until recent generations that doctors and scientists began making a correlation between asbestos exposure and certain types of cancer.

Is asbestos endangering your child?

You are probably gratified to hear of the measures and precautions your child's school takes to protect the students from harm. Laws require your child and others to receive certain vaccines or boosters to prevent the spread of disease. Teachers supervise recess and other activities to minimize chances of injury. Many Pennsylvania schools even install security cameras or post guards to protect your child from intruders.

A doctor's mistake may cost you more than your health

For many Pittsburgh residents, going to the doctor is a necessary part of maintaining their health, and ensuring that their ailments are addressed and remedied in a timely manner. Whether a patient has the ability to choose his or her own medical practitioners, or receives care from doctors who are available when the patient's needs arise, should not impact the quality of care the individual receives. In order to practice medicine, doctors must pass rigorous courses of study and sit for examinations that demonstrate their ability to provide medical care for those who seek their services.

A doctor's mistake may lead to a preventable birth injury

For around nine months, the partners to a Pittsburgh couple may plan and prepare for the birth of their child. They may create a whimsical nursery and they may argue over what they will name their new little addition. They may learn about different options for how they would like to bring their child into the world, and they may settle on a facility and medical practitioner to assist them through the labor and delivery process.

Fatal accident claims two lives, sends two more to the hospital

Recently this Pittsburgh personal injury blog posted an article about who may file a wrongful death lawsuit when a victim perishes in a negligence or recklessness-based accident. While no family ever wants to have to consider taking this action, wrongful death cases are an important part of the personal injury field of law, and may be necessary for those who wish to seek compensation from those parties that caused their loved ones to die.

When Mesothelioma enters your marriage: How to help your spouse

When you got married, you obviously had no way of looking into the future to see what might be in store for you and your beloved spouse. If your Pennsylvania wedding took place more than 10 years ago, you've likely already successfully overcome many different challenges, from those involving job changes, location changes, finances or raising children. Life is full of sorrows, joys, adventures and more; hopefully, your marriage has had little of the first word in that list.

Who may file a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania?

Tragedy can strike at unexpected moments, and leave Pennsylvania families reeling in the wake of devastating and life-altering accidents. When a family loses a loved one, the survivors' grief may be all that they can bear as they plan funeral arrangements for their deceased relative. Suing the party responsible for their loss may not initially be a priority for them.

Monitoring for conditions may identify cases of fetal distress

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the term "fetal distress" is difficult to define and often confused with more serious and life-threatening conditions. It generally refers to a fetus that is not getting, or has not received, sufficient oxygen during pregnancy or labor, but is not the same as birth asphyxia. Both fetal distress and birth asphyxia can cause Pittsburgh newborns to suffer significant health problems during their first moments of life, and certain pre-birth conditions may suggest that a baby will experience these scary complications.

Do I have to prove negligence in a product liability claim?

When a Pennsylvania resident goes to the store and buys a new item off the shelf, he or she expects that the item will work as it should, and that it will not pose any unexpected hazards. However, as readers of this personal injury legal blog know, not every consumer good put out into the stream of commerce is safe. In fact, some consumer products are simply dangerous, and when individuals are harmed by them those victims can turn to product liability law to provide them with a legal basis on which to pursue their losses.