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May 2016 Archives

Nursing home death victims and family need advocates

It can be a difficult decision, the one where family members decide to place a mother, grandparent, or loved one in a nursing home facility. These facilities often have a lot to offer in the way of healthcare and other benefits to the resident. However, nursing home neglect may be a concern, as this has resulted in cases of premature death.

Decline in locations, quality medical care for pregnant PA women?

Recent trends in healthcare costs consolidation and the effects of government-run healthcare are being felt around Pennsylvania. Of the 124 obstetric clinic that once occupied Pennsylvania, 28 clinics have been lost. Obstetric clinics provide medical care to expecting mothers. What this means for some PA women who are expecting is not favorable for them or their child.

A background on strict liability, product liability claims

Did you know that manufacturers of a product can be held liable for injuries resulting from a defect in their product? This also applies to products that were falsely represented or marketed. While all products in the U.S. and Pennsylvania are held to this standard, some product are held to an even higher level of responsibility. Products that are inherently dangerous are considered strictly liable for any injury or damages to a user.