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January 2016 Archives

Design defects and products liability claims in PA

There are many ways that products that were originally created for the public good to become dangerous to a Pittsburgh residents health and safety. This is the basis of product liability claims -- that a manufacturing, design or a failure to warn defect a product injured or killed its user. Let's look at one aspect of products liability that affects Pittsburgh residents: design defects.

How to prove negligence in a case of PA nursing home abuse?

The elderly are some of the most respected members of society in that they have seen and endured things the younger generations never have and never will. Their wisdom has come from many years of experience. This is why it makes it so hard to hear about cases in which the elderly have suffered nursing home abuse or neglect in Pittsburgh. There are ways that this can be proven in a court of law.

Respondeat superior and PA medical malpractice claims

Medical conditions, treatments and surgeries can be some of the most complicated topics Pittsburgh residents may come across in their lifetime. There is a reason that doctors earn so much; it's because they are the experts when it comes to the human body and how to treat it. Sometimes, despite a medical professional's best intentions, there is an error that can have negative implications on a patient's life. Aspects of legal recourse can sometimes seem similarly complicated as topics related to medical care.

Order an autopsy after loved one's death in PA hospital

When a sudden health issue arises most Pittsburgh residents head for their nearest hospital. If there is a medical emergency, this is the normal reaction. However, it has been proven that Pennsylvania hospitals and medical professionals do not always administer care in a way that is beneficial to a patient. Sometimes it can even lead to their death and thus a medical malpractice suit.

Rights of Pittsburgh nursing home residents

With many of the baby-boomer generation hitting an age that may require additional care, many Pittsburgh residents are turning to nursing homes as a solution for long-term care. Whether a medical condition or cognitive ability has left elderly Pittsburgh residents in need of care, nursing homes are available to fill that void. Scarily enough, some nursing homes do not treat their patients in a way that is appropriate. Mistreatment can lead to nursing home neglect injury or even death.

Injured in a Pennsylvania car accident due to automobile defect?

Car accidents are an unfortunate and common incident on Pittsburgh roads and freeways today. Most car accidents are the result of careless driving or poor road conditions. However, sometimes car accidents happen due to a malfunction with the vehicle itself. These types of malfunctions can point to a products liability claim often. Instances of products liability often occur due to design defect or manufacturing defect on behalf of the vehicle manufacturer.