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January 2015 Archives

Seeking justice and compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit

The untimely death of a loved one can cause unbelievable grief to a family. When the death was caused by someone else's negligence the family may feel a need for justice to be done. In this situation, Pennsylvania families can file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the negligent party accountable. Our Pittsburgh-based law firm can help.

Why should Pennsylvanians avoid soft baby bedding?

Although most Pennsylvania parents take great care determining which baby products to use, the most seemingly innocuous products can hurt a baby and sometimes even result in death. Readers may be surprised to learn that soft bedding is one product that has caused a number of infant deaths.

Most common causes of workplace deaths and injuries

Although stress is often associated with a hard day's work, other unfortunate situations can also happen in Pennsylvania and throughout the entire United States. Injuries and workplace deaths are always a possibility if negligence occurs, particularly if there is a lack of safety policies in place or if safety measures are not followed properly. A research institute recently released its findings on the most common workplace injuries that occurred in 2012 and the fatal accidents that happened in road construction areas.

Fighting for Pennsylvania nursing home neglect victims

As Pennsylvanians are living longer and fuller lives, the senior population will continue to grow, meaning that assisted-living facilities and nursing homes will see a rise in residents. However, as the numbers increase, the quality of care should either remain the same or rise simultaneously. If Pennsylvanians suspect that their elderly loved ones are being subjected to nursing home neglect, then our Pittsburgh-based law firm can help them fight for the rights of their loved ones.

Should Pennsylvania parents be concerned about toy safety?

A new toy can provide hours of fun and joy to a Pennsylvania child, making the gift of new toy seem harmless. Toy design and manufacture have evolved through the years. At times commercial success takes a backseat to structural integrity of a toy, making toys a potential source of danger rather than enjoyment for a child. For this reason, it is important for all parents, including Pennsylvania parents, to be more discerning of the toys they give their children.

Over 500 veteran deaths from medical negligence reported

After serving in the military to keep the United States safe, veterans are given particular benefits for their sacrifices. One benefit is the medical service provided by Veterans Affairs hospitals all over the country, including Pennsylvania. However, the medical services of these hospitals are currently under fire after the Veterans Health Administration disclosed that more than 500 veterans died in these hospitals during the last four years due to what can be described as medical negligence.

Giving older Pennsylvanians the respect and justice they deserve

Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities do not just provide medical care for the elderly. The institutions serve as a place where the elderly can enjoy their twilight years in a respectful and dignified manner. However, not every nursing home gives this type of benefit to their residents. Others, whether intentional or not, engage in nursing home abuse. A Pennsylvanian who suspects that a loved one is being abused may wish to take legal action against the perpetrator. Our Pittsburgh-based law firm may be able to guide the person in their endeavor.