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June 2014 Archives

Nursing home found responsible for resident's death

Many Pennsylvania residents assume that nursing home abuse is limited to neglect on the part of the nursing home's staff. However, abuse, as well as nursing home deaths, also can happen when the institution fails to properly maintain its facilities or equipment. Lately, there has been a growing concern about the safety of mechanical lifts in nursing homes. A recent incident demonstrates how dangerous these lifts can be after a resident was injured and eventually died after falling off a lift.

OSHA investigates worker death in Amazon's Carlile warehouse

Any Pennsylvanian who works for a living has the right to expect that his or her workplace is safe and does not present unnecessary risks. Many jobs present some risks, but when extraordinary risks present the possibility of a work related death or injury in the course of a worker's fulfillment of his or her job duties, then the company can and should be held liable if something happens to a worker.

Assisted living employees face charges in nursing home death

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, residents place their loved ones in nursing homes in hopes that they will receive appropriate care during the twilight of their lives. Although it may seem costly to some, it is a good way to assure that loved ones live out their remaining years in comfort and with dignity. However, a recent nursing home death has raised concerns across the country and questions about how caring nursing home personnel really are.

Product liability: Nap Nanny Infant Recliner causes another death

Product liability often involves defective products that may have caused injuries or death to the consumers. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consumers should always check for product recalls to ensure that the products that they have bought are safe for personal use. However, sometimes, product defects are not visible. Some defects develop over time. For example, an apparently safe product, such as a bicycle, may have some defects that can cause the bicyclist to lose control, resulting in an accident that can be fatal.