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May 2014 Archives

Work-related death linked to the use of pesticides at golf course

Workers, especially those who are working in high-risk industries like mining, construction and logging, know that workplace accidents are often just looming around the corner. Here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, employers do their part in making the workplace safe for all workers. Still, even with all the efforts to prevent accidents, there is always a possibility that it will happen, and when it happens, it can result in a work-related death.

High-profile surgeon settles medical malpractice lawsuit

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, local residents go to their doctors whenever they have health problems or for regularly scheduled checkups. Doctors are well-trained individuals who follow strict standard procedures to ensure the safety of their patients. However, numerous cases of doctor errors and medical malpractice cases can sometimes make an individual think twice before undergoing a procedure as it may cost their lives or result in a worsened physical condition.

Increased penalties for drivers at fault in fatal hit-and-runs

When it comes to the safety of those traveling on the roadways, specific laws and regulations have been put into place. In hopes of reducing fatal accidents on the road, strict or harsh penalties may ensue for those who are accused of being negligent drivers, especially those who drive while under the influence. Furthermore, when the rates of automobile crashes in a state are not declining as lawmakers had hoped, new legislation could be passed to further their goal to reduce negligent drivers and drunk driving incidents.

Young man killed when motorist swerves into wrong lane

Every year, thousands of people are killed, and thousands more are injured, in preventable car accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that the majority of automobile accidents in the United States are the result of avoidable human error. When someone is killed in a car accident due to the negligent actions of another party, the family may have a viable wrongful death suit available to them.