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February 2014 Archives

Family gets $17 million settlement for wrongful death

Accidents and tragedies can happen at a Pennsylvania worksite, particularly when the work involves construction. There can be numerous issues that lead to such an incident, including safety hazards. Sadly when these safety hazards happen a wrongful death can occur on the jobsite.

Lawsuit against shipbuilders proceeds in Pennsylvania court

In recent United State history, there has been a wave of asbestos-related legal cases. Asbestos is a material that has mainly been used as a component of insulation in different products. It was discovered, however, that asbestos is extremely dangerous to people's health. As a result, there have been numerous product liability suits filed in regards to this material throughout the U.S., including Pennsylvania.

Outbreaks in Pennsylvania hospitals lead to wrongful death suits

Hospitals are a place that many Pennsylvania families retreat to secure health care for their ailing loved ones. Pennsylvania residents may not realize, however, that hospitals can sometimes internally spread diseases and cause other serious ailments and complications -- like death to hospital patients. When this happens, filing a wrongful death action may be the only recourse.

Man injured picking up leaves dies

Workplace death in Allegheny can occur at any juncture during the workday. It can happen with jobs that are known to be dangerous but can also happen with jobs that are not usually considered risky. Work related death and workplace injury are not restricted to the prototypical jobs that are often associated with the unfortunate eventuality.