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October 2013 Archives

Doctor apology bill signed into law

By no means is anyone perfect. However, there are certain professionals that are held to a higher standard in light of the significant amount of training they received and how much society relies upon their knowledge and skills. One professional position that is clearly revered as such is that of a doctor. And in light of these high standards of deference to doctors, medical negligence cases can be quite complicated.

Court in Pennsylvania ends product liability case

Injuries and damages are important aspects of product liability cases. These facts are often the facts that receive the most attention in the media. In addition to these elements, however, there are other facts that an individual must highlight to be successful with a product liability case.

Family considers lawsuit in Pennsylvania wrongful death

The financial struggles of the United States are pervading all aspects of life, including those that may not be obviously affected until something tragic happens. For instance, an incident involving a 12-year-old girl highlighted the devastating effects that cuts to school budgets may be having on the Pennsylvania community.

Tylenol product liability case filed in Pennsylvania court

Product liability law is aimed at helping keep dangerous or defective products off the market. One Georgia man recently decided to file a product liability law suit in a Pennsylvania court, claiming that the public has not been properly warned about the dangers of one popular over-the-counter medication.